Energy healing has been around for a long time. You may have heard about it as prana from India, reiki from Japan, or chi from China. But however you think about it, working with the body’s natural energy field has become an increasingly popular way today to heal physical pain and mitigate stress.

To better understand this phenomenon, we asked Kat Mayers, one of Hong Kong’s most well-respected energy healers to join us at our space The Cage for a in-depth discussion on energy detoxes, followed by a delicious and nourishing lunch.

With her calm yet spirited presence, Kat put us all at ease as she unleashed some fascinating insights that many of us knew very little about, yet somehow resonated deep within. Here were our top four takeaways.

1. We have multiple energy systems in our body, and they affect both our physical and mental health

We have an aura around us, and in our aura (which is also called the biofield) is where we have our emotions and our thoughts, and it’s also where our awareness and consciousness is. We also have the internal energy system which is the chakra system (often used in India), as well as the chi and meridian lines which are like superhighways of energy throughout our body. If any of these systems get blocked, you’re going to experience pain or sickness.

2. Energy healing can help with our careers

Career issues are usually mental, and it’s often related to us believing whether consciously or unconsciously that we aren’t good enough or don’t deserve something. These thought forms are often imprinted onto us from influences in our childhood, and once they enter our energy fields they start to send out specific frequencies, thus attracting other life events of similar frequencies. Once these blocks are cleared however, your energy shifts back to a higher vibration and you can start attracting the things in life that you actually want.

3. Energy healing helps us heal ourselves

We all have an inherent ability to tap into our own intuition and into the universal energy that is around us. It’s just a learned skill like any other, and the more we use it the more it grows. But in terms of daily hacks, one thing we can do is to start taking salt baths as salt has a natural ability to absorb negative energy. That’s also why we often feel so rested and rejuvenated when we’re in the ocean. Another thing we can do right now is to become really conscious of our words and thoughts as these tremendously affect our energy bodies. Low vibrational emotions such as anger or resentment really do affect us. When someone does something harmful to you, while it’s natural to feel anger in the moment, the best thing we is to simply let it go, for holding anger or resentment harms us more than the other person. Lastly, it’s important to be kind to ourselves, for whether uttered out loud or not, both the words we think or say affect us equally!

4. Energy healing creates different outcomes compared to talk therapy

While talk therapy is important and helps us reflect on our lives and find solutions, it works on the conscious mind and the problem is, sometimes the ego comes into play, making us justify certain actions or behaviors. Energy healing on the other hand, works on the subconscious level and helps us clear emotional blockages that are the root of problems in our lives.