All of us at Parsons are so grateful to partner with LUXARITY, a forward-looking company that is committed to nurturing the incredibly innovative work being done by students in the School of Fashion. This is the next generation of designers who will innovate using new design methodologies to change the industry and strive to share their creativity for the benefit of society. I look forward to seeing these fascinating projects continue to grow. Their work will directly address issues of inclusion and sustainability and it is so important that they are given this opportunity to explore their ideas.
— Burak Cakmak, Dean, Parsons School of Fashion

To support sustainability education, LUXARITY is raising a project grant of $20,000 USD to support the launch of one Parsons School of Design student businesses, focused on sustainability & innovation” as selected by the leadership of the Parsons School of Fashion. The award includes a product launch with LUXARITY where the designers will design a capsule collection to be launched at a LUXARITY Pop-up.


About Parsons

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Parsons School of Fashion has trained five generations of designers who have shaped the global industry. Employing design thinking and creative problem-solving strategies, students explore form, silhouette, material, and process — including social and environmental imperatives — to create beautiful, sustainable, and responsible fashion for a complex and evolving field.

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