Parsons School of Design has offered students innovative approaches to education since its founding in 1896. Guided by renowned faculty and curricula, a diverse international community disrupts the status quo, fostering social and environmental good and preparing for an evolving workplace. New York City is home to Parsons’ main campus and a range of creative practitioners and industries.

The LUXARITY x PARSONS award supports sustainability focused thesis projects of senior graduate students in pursuing careers in systems & materiality pathways in the School of Fashion at the Parsons School of Design.

Photos contributed by: Gal Yakobovitch

Photos contributed by: Gal Yakobovitch

2018 Award Winners:

Gal Yakobovitch – Makemoret Collective

Makemoret collective is an online open-source education exchange platform. The platform aims to bridge traditional and industrial practices with new natural material innovation in the biomaterial realm. The platform offers a biomaterial archive contributed by Gal Yakobovitch and partners of the platform (worldwide makers of bio-design practices). The intention of the archive is to build a foundation for knowledge sharing in bio-design so that makers could use natural materials and ecologically friendly design in their practice.

Claudia Poh & Amy Yu Chen – C.AIR Collective

C⋅air Collective is an aspiring design firm that looks to put humans at the core of their design process. “Christina”is a wardrobe geared towards independent dressing for Christina Mallon. Christina experiences paralysis in her arms and was diagnosed with ALS 7 years ago. Consider the experience where your garment dresses you. How can we make a garment go against gravity and onto the body? Putting aside our assumptions of our current system of dress, C⋅air Collective considers a paradigm where independent dressing works hand in hand with the inflation of soft frameworks built into garments as a means of getting dressed. In fashion this might be bizarre, but in other fields we are looking at self driving cars, AI, Amazon Alexa. C⋅air Collective is our first step towards new possibilities. What if our clothes can do more for us and for our bodies?